Saturday, November 22, 2014

Keep Seeing My Dead Cat?

Call me crazy, nuts, weird, an idiot, whatever. But I literally saw Nico at 12 AM. But I know what I saw. This photo is not of him as of now, but it is one of him after he was dead. I have seen Renato once or twice after he died, but I keep seeing Nico almost daily. I'm not sure if he was jealous over my past relationship with Renato, (and for getting him so fast after Nico died), or could he be checking on Anya? Or me? Nico and Anya were littler mates. I keep seeing Nico and I don't know why so often. I love his "visits", but they also remind me of what I once had and never will again. I don't want his "visits" to stop, and I feel blessed that they happen so damn often, but I'd like to know why -- why not Renato? Or Tadpole? Or anybody else (both human and animal).

Any advice? If I don't receive any comments big deal, as I also have other ideas...

Ragdoll Mommy~


  1. I have no idea.....maybe Nico wants to make sure you are OK after he is gone to RB and also because you lost Renato so soon.

  2. One of Mommy's cats came back to say she loved mommy. And Mommy treasures that memory. Enjoy the love! That's why he comes back. Love.


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