Friday, November 28, 2014

Review Day

Note: This review will be short due to the holidays coming up! 

Note: I cannot seem to find the shop owner on Etsy, so I will not add a link. Sorry for the troubles!

Today is a review from an Etsy shop. This time it is two awesome cat toys! One is a sea star. Yes, they're called sea stars, not star fish. Because they are actually indeed not even fish! The other toy is, well, I forget; I accidentally kinda broke it when I opened the box. :-( But the cats still love and play with it! :-) I wish I hadn't broke it.
This is the one I broke by mistake. Oops. I think it was a ring? The cats now play with it as a ball now. 

Sea star - the cats like this one a little better than the toy I broke, but they all play with them both. These toys do not contain any trace of catnip inside, so these would be good for cats and kittens who don't care for catnip, but two of my cats do. Star likes it sometimes, but not always.


• Good shipping
• Cats like them
• Cool colors
• Nice customer service
• Hand made
• Strong material 
• Nice prices
• No catnip for cats who don't like it


• No catnip, which is a con for my cats. But remember, that every cat is different so this varies from cat to cat

Ragdoll Mommy~

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  1. Those are very pretty and we bet we'd like those as toys too *MOM! WE NEED THESE NEW TOYS* Thanks! Purrs...


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