Friday, November 14, 2014

When I'm Gone

4 Months without my soulmate. Nico & Anya are like my children I never had, they were my inspiration for Life with Ragdolls, they are my future inspiration as a writing, as a Ragdoll breeder, as everything. I'm going to admit that a few years ago, I didn't care about anything, but starting over. Nico&Anya helped me achieve that through lots of pain and tears. Nico is my inspiration for becoming a breeder, to breed out HCM, to find a cure for it. 

Was Renato being related to Nico reality or a conspiracy? Who's heard of the saying: "If you love something then let it go, if it doesn't come back to you then it never really was yours, but if it comes back to you then it was always yours?"

After all Renato means to rise again/reborn.

"Somethings never fade"

Ragdoll Mommy~


  1. what lovely sentiments. our cats are family. i love mine too.

    emma and buster

  2. The love for your cats oozes through all the pages of this blog. That's what makes it so special.


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