Sunday, December 28, 2014

Review Day


Today we're reviewing some canned cat food by Wellness from, This food is grain free\by-product free, and great for cats with food allergies like Star. This food comes in a variety of flavors, and we were sent Chicken and Diced Turkey to review. This food is a little pricey and the price for this flavor is around $37 dollars for a 24 pack of food. Wellness Divine Duos has pieces of diced turkey and carrots in it, I personally prefer chicken over turkey when it comes to cat food, why? Because chicken contains taurine which is great for the heart, cats need a good amount of taurine in their diets, especially breeds like the Ragdoll and Maine Coon who are both prone to HCM, however any cat or kitten can develop HCM at any age, HCM is a genetic disease a lot of the time, especially in Ragdolls and Maine Coons, if a cat does not get enough taurine in their diet then they're at risk for heart disease, like HCM, so chicken (if raw) can help you cut down on HCM. Cooked chicken has had the ingredients good for cats cooked out of it, so cooked chicken does not contain the proper about of taurine or other ingredients good for your cat, cooked chicken is not very good for cats. 

I was sent 4 cans of this food to review, the cats split all of them in a matter of 1-2 weeks. Saphira especially liked the food, but Anya did not really care for it much, Star thought it was okay. I did not like how this food had like a "jelly" type material on the top of it, the canned food I reviewed back in November was not at all like this, it was made by Tiki Cat and costed $17 dollars for 12 cans of it with 9 flavors, this food by Wellness was $37 dollars for 24 cans and only 1 flavor. I strongly recommend Tiki Cat food, but as for Wellness, not so much. I do not totally dislike Wellness, as I have not tried their dry food on the cats, so I cannot comment on how well their dry food is, but as for their canned food I'm not too impressed. I personally prefer Tiki Cat, Blue Buffalo, The Good Life Recipe, Newman's Own, Taste Of The Wild Side, and Fancy Feast (as a treat every now and then). I do however, like Wellness's cat treats. This has nothing to do with, I love Chewy, and I think its really cool and fun that they allow bloggers to test out a product of their choice once or twice a month, I am super glad I am allowed to participate. Its really fun!! :-D They're a great company.


* Cats liked it.
* Great customer service (as always!).
* Grain free\by-product free.
* No corn, no sow, no wheat etc.
* Lots of flavors to choose from.
* Minimal smell.


* Pricey.
* Jelly stuff on top of food.

See what I mean about this jelly stuff? Tiki Cat did not have this.

Saphira loved the food!

Wellness Divine Duos, has great ingredients.

Ragdoll Mommy~


  1. We loved this food. Try turning the plastic container upside down and squeeze out the contents. The gravy spills over the page and its a much different consistency. We also really liked the Tiki Cat, but Wellness has some great products, too. However, each cat has his own prefernce.

    1. You're a genius, I wish I had known this sooner, I would of never thought of doing this, oh well. But thanks for the tip!

  2. Thanks for the review, Ragdoll Mommy. We have a couple of containers of this food, but have not yet tried it!


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