Thursday, February 19, 2015

Review Day: Nico's Cremation Keepsake Memorial Necklace by Clearlyloved

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Hi Everyone,

Do you remember Nico's necklace from a couple of weeks ago? Well, most of you know by now that it unfortunately broke (we actually glued it wrong), but the Etsy shop owners were nice enough and made me an entirely new necklace for my darling, Nico. Some of Nico's cremains have been permanently sealed in my necklace, it is a urn necklace. It is made by Clearlyloved in Ocala, Florida. Clearlyloved makes beautiful cremation keepsake necklaces for your deceased loved ones cremains, they are permanently sealed in a glass orb and then you glue the bottom (and I recommend gluing the top too for good measure), as I said - the orb is glass and the ashes (cremains) are inside the orb, I recommend only filling the orb to only half way, so the cremains can "shift" through the orb, much like that of an hourglass. It is really stunning. The chain of the necklace is stainless steel. It should not be worn in water and you must keep it away from cosmetics and harsh chemicals such as: alcohol, ammonia, bleach, chlorine, acetone, hair spray, perfume, etc. I have never exposed it to water or cosmetics or any chemicals, the contents are extremely important to me, and needless to say I do take extreme care of it.

I am pictured here wearing it.

Close up.

Sorry for the blur.
It came in this pretty little black box.

This is two different people; I am on the left hand (no pun intended! ) side.

My necklace also came with a smaller chain; you can hang it from a nail in the wall, your car rear view mirror, etc.


* Outstanding customer service.

* Fast shipping.

* Beautiful.

* Stable and sturdy (if glued right).

* Great priced for such a beautiful memorial keepsake.

* Tons of choices to choose from.

* Hand made.

* Again just beautiful.

* Amazingly friendly customer service.

* Such a comfort to know that your loved one(s) are right there next to your heart.

* Comes in either 18', 24', or 30' chain length. I have the 18'. You can either go throat\chest length (18'), mid chest\a tad below boobs lol (24'), or stomach? (30').

* Can hold human or pet cremains or even just wear it with nothing in it. It is still beautiful either way! :-)



Ragdoll Mommy~


  1. It's beautiful. And I like the idea of having a little something of your darling cat close to you.

  2. How nice of the store owner to make you a new one. That is really a beautiful necklace!

  3. That really is such a terrific way to keep a part of your beloved Nico with you -- and close to your heart!

  4. That is such a beautiful keepsake and way to be close to your beloved Nico, we really think it is a gorgeous piece of jewelry and so special. We're so glad you were given a new one, too.


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