Friday, February 6, 2015

Review Day

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Note: this review will be shorter than usual as I fee bad and I have 4-5 other reviews I need to get done asap.

Hi Everyone,

Today is a review for a cat toy on Etsy. It is an awesome Pac-man toy, it does contain catnip and it is hand made. The shop also had the Pack-man ghosts too. These toys are no longer available, but they may have similar things that may interest you. 

These are the perfect toys for traveling with your cat as they're small, not loud, and keep cats busy. They hold up well to scratching, biting, and all around rough play. These are awesome for kittens as they're small and light weight and easy to carry around. 

This picture was suppose to be right side up, not side ways.

Sorry for the blurry picture; Anya moved while I was taking this photo. 


* Catnip inside.

* Hand made.

* Strong material.

* Decently priced.

* Good customer service.

* Okay shipping.


* Unfortunately, my cats do not really care for this toy much. Anya plays with it rarely, and the other two do not have any interest in it. Neither Nico or Renato played with it when they were alive. **Sigh**.

Ragdoll Mommy~

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  1. Too bad your kitties are not very interested but the Pac-man sure is cute!


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