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Weekly Ragdoll: Litter Box Liners -- Anybody Use 'Em?

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When I got Nico and Anya in July 2012, I shortly found out that their old owner had been using litter box liners in their litter boxes. I had never seen or heard of a thing called "litter liners" before. Nico and Anya being front declawed cats did not rip the plastic liners with their claws when they would dig in the litter box, but the weight of the litter in the box often caused the liner to tear teeny tiny holes so the litter would spill out when it was time to change the litter boxes. I found this out the hard way one afternoon while changing the litter boxes, when it was time to take the liner with litter out to the trash (you had to walk through the kitchen to get to the back door out to the carport then to the trash can) the liner tore and litter went everywhere in the kitchen! YUCK!

Shortly there after I started carrying the liner with the litter boxes to the trash can outside to be dumped until we ran out of liners. After we ran out of litter liners we did not buy them again. I might start using them again because my 3 are now using pellet litter made of pine. The sole purpose of litter box liners is for the cat owner to simply take of the lid (if the litter box has a hood or lid on it) and remove the liner with dirty litter and throw it in the trash. Easy peasy or it is for the owner at least -- many cats hate litter liners (Star is one of them), but many cats do not mind them (Anya and Saphira are two of them), as far as I know both Nico and Anya had used them all their life (except when they lived with me).


* Easy to use; if you know how to properly use them).

* Cheap.

* Great for traveling and easy pick up.


* Tears easily.

* Some cats dislike them.

* Shouldn't use with crystal litter.

* Can't use in self cleaning litter boxes.

* Pain to use with clumping litter.

* Cat litter scoop snags on liners and tears them.

Worth it? No.

Have used? Yes.

Bought after Nico and Anya? Yes.

Would use again? Probably not, unless traveling with kitty.

Ragdoll Mommy~

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  1. I've never used liners. They seem like they're more trouble than they're worth. I figure the litter box is study plastic so when it gets dirty, I wash it. I guess if you use a litter that gets wet & sticky or if you have a lot of cats, then they might be useful and help minimize scrubbing the litter box.


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