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7 Myths Your Breeder Needs to Quit Telling You about Ragdoll Cats

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Hi Everyone,

I thought it would be interesting to hear what I'll I have been told about Ragdolls and what the truth about them really is.

Seal Bicolor.

  • 1: Ragdoll cats are hypoallergenic. 
Truth: Despite what many owners and breeders will tell you, Ragdoll cats are not "allergy-free" and they do shed, they shed less than Persians, Himalayans, Birmans, Maine Coons, etc. Just remember though -- "if it has hair, it sheds!".

  • 2: Ragdoll cats do not feel pain.
Truth: Ragdoll cats feel pain just like any other living thing. This myth comes from their creator (Ann Baker in 1965 - 1997). There was a study done on Ragdolls in the 1960's to find out if they do indeed feel pain, they do! The test results can be found online if you search hard enough, or find the results in The Definitive Guide to Ragdolls book (1995), I have this book and it is by far the best book on Ragdoll cats and their health and care, this is an extremely rare and pricey book, it is also out of print. I will not sell mine for any price. 

Blue Colorpoint.
  • 3: Ragdoll cats will never defend themselves when attacked.
Truth: Generally speaking, the Ragdoll cat is a calm and relaxed breed of cat. They prefer to love you than leave you. They almost always get along good with children or other pets and will put up from a lot from both. However, they are not totally "defenseless" and will attack if provoked, this is rare though. Ragdoll cats are nicknamed "the gentle giants" and because of this they are indoor only cats! They are also the number 1 stolen breed of cat in the United States.

Blue Mitted. This is not Anya.
  • 4: Ragdoll cats are stupid and cannot be trained.
Truth: Okay this is totally not true at all! Ragdoll cats are a very smart breed and are happy to learn new tricks or to walk on a harness and leash, they also learn easily to stay off the counters. They are the easiest cats to train in my opinion. All my Ragdolls knew\know tricks! 

  • 5: Ragdoll cats do not shed. (see above at #1).

Truth: Try telling that to my curtains and our vacuum cleaner ;-) They shed, but it is (again like I said earlier) less than other long haired breeds or simi long haired breeds (Ragdolls fit into this category as do Birmans and a few others). I brush Anya once or twice a week with a slicker brush and a greyhound comb with a flea comb for her face. She is also kept on a good diet of The Good Life Indoor Recipe Cat Food (dry food), she barely sheds now!

Seal Colorpoint.

  • 6: Ragdoll cats are a "long haired" breed.
Truth: No, they are not. They fit into the category of simi long haired breeds, like the Birman, Ragamuffin, etc.

  • 7: Ragdoll cats are a colorpointed  breed.
Truth: Yes and no, there is the Bicolor pattern with various types of Bicolor, the Bicolors' coloring is restricted to the ears, tail, face (with an inverted v of white on the face) and coloring on the back (depending on what kind of Bicolor, Vans do not have coloring on their backs). However, all Ragdoll cats are BLUE EYED AND POINTED CAT BREED.

Ragdoll Mommy~

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