Friday, July 31, 2015

Review Day: Kong Active Cat Play Mat from Chewy.Com

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Hi Everyone,

Today we are reviewing the Kong Active Cat Play Mat from Chewy.Com is an amazing company that offers a number of different cat and dog products, ranging from food and treats, to litters, litterboxes, toys, beds, mats, scratchers, etc! Chewy.Com is definitely one of my favorite pet places to shop!

The Kong Active Cat Play Mat, is exactly that, it is soft and plush (a red velvet material) on one side, and burlap and scratchy on the other side, it sports strands of black felt on all corners of the mat, Zayd loves batting at them. The part that really gets Zayd excited, is the crunchy plastic wrap inside of the mat, when he walks on the mat or when I throw the mat acrossed the room, he just goes so crazy for it. Anya, who is a very shy and relaxed cat, goes bat shit crazy over the sound of the crinkle mat! She just runs and attacks it. Saphira doesn't like this mat at all, which is surprising, because she loves just about any kind of cat toy or other physical activity, Star isn't a big fan either and hates the feeling on her paws and the sound. So 2 out of 2 cats like the Kong Active Cat Play Mat and 2 out of 2 don't. :)

I will probably buy another one if this one is to break or as soon as Anya learns to share it with Zayd. ;) The Kong Active Cat Play Mat is for sale on Chewy.Com for $8.81 cents.

Kong Active Cat Play Mat. Great for cats and kittens alike.

Scratch area in center.

Soft, easy mat to lay on.

Kong makes cat toys, dog toys, cat and dog collars, and I believe dog harnesses and leashes too.

Zayd checking out the Kong Active Cat Play Mat.

Handsome boy.

Zayd, or as I like to call him 'Miniature Anya'.

And no, this one is Zayd, not Anya. Hard to believe that he is already half her size!

* My 2 Ragdoll cats love it.

* Good price.

* Very fast shipping.

* Amazing customer service (as always, Chewy.Com hasn't proved me wrong yet!).

* Double sided; serves as a bed on one side and a scratching post on the other side.

* It's a 4 in 1 specialty package; toy, bed, scratching post, crinkle plastic wrap inside to excite most cats and kittens.


* Star and Saphira disproved of the Kong Active Play Mat.

* It comes to you rolled up, when you open it you have to re-flatten it with something heavy (book, chair, standing on it, etc) for at least 24 hours, so it doesn't recoil back. Standing on it and putting heavy weight books on it worked for me.

* Plastic crinkle paper inside of the mat annoys human ears at night!

* Hurts human feet to step on the burlap part in the morning when getting out of bed.

Ragdoll Mommy~

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