Saturday, August 1, 2015

Review Day: TidyCats 24\7 Performance Clumping Cat Litter from Chewy.Com

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Hi Everyone,
 Happy 1st day of August! 2015 is really flying by!

Today is a review from that was suppose to be wrote last month, but due to work, cats, chores, and studying, it just doesn't happen often enough ;-( On the bright side of town, we're reviewing the TidyCats 24\7 Performance Clumping Cat Litter (14lbs) from TidyCats has been a long time friend of the litter boxes at our house for many years, I used TidyCats clumping and non-clumping litters with Star and Saphira when I got them, Nico and Anya were using TidyCats litter before I got them and even for a short while while they were settling in, surrounding the short time I had with Renato, I used TidyCats, Zayd has even used TidyCats before! So you could say that TidyCats is a good and well trusted brand in our home, true, but not all cat litters are created equally. TidyCats is now not used much with my cats, I love using TidyCats for traveling; it's cheap, you can buy it pretty much anywhere (I have even found it at gas stations before), it's a good disposable cat litter and it is very cost efficient; the 14lbs we reviewed is $10.48, 20lbs is $9.99, 27lbs is $10.99, 40lbs is $16.99, and 35lbs is $12.99. Why is the 20lb one less money than the 14lb one is out of the question to me. The more 'traditional' TidyCats litter is much more compatible with me and my cats usage. TidyCats Non-Clumping Instant Action Immediate Odor Control Cat Litter is my favorite of their lines, we shop a lot at SAM's Club, and typically I can get this litter for as low as $10.50 for a 50lb bag. Now that's a deal!!

TidyCats 24\7 Performance Clumping Cat Litter is great at controlling urine oder, but not from poop. It is less dusty than TidyCats' other litters, but it is not even compatible compared to Arm & Hammer's Feline Pine Non-Clumping Pellet litter (this is what we're using now and it is my all time favorite litter), it has literally no dust and very little tracking. Since 3 out of 4 of my cats are longhaired, this litter tracks a bit, even from Saphira's paws and she is a shorthair. I call it the 'ball litter', because the clay is little and round and rolls like a toy ball.

Sorry for such blurry photos, it was raining out. 


* All the cats like and will use this litter.

* Low dust, but horrible smell that you can 'taste' that hangs in the air.

* Comes in 5 options of weigh.

* Fast shipping.

* Great customer service (as always!).

* Decent pricing.


* Horrible litter scent. You can taste it. Yuck.

* Isn't the best at controlling feces odors.

* Doesn't last too long. My Feline Pine lasts 2-4 weeks with my 4 cats, this litter lasted 2-5 days (yes, days!). But I do still have about half the bag left.

Ragdoll Mommy~


  1. We like CatAttract. Sometimes it smells for about 2 minutes when I poop, but then it is nice. No dust, doesn't have a fragrance, nice on the feet, doesn't track.
    We used to use Tidy Cat and still do if we have an emergency out.


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