Thursday, October 29, 2015

7 Things I Learned From Living With 'Big' Cats

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  • 1: You'll Need a Litter Box the Size of a Kid's Sand Box:
There's no denying that your big ass 20+ pound cat will need a olympic-sized litter box. And, they're expensive. Don't even try the kitten sized litter boxes with them...even as kittens they're the size of a 4 month old regular cat.

  • 2 : People Are Scared Of Them...
Yep, you read that right. They either think they're a dog or a horse, either way it's not a normal 'cat'.

  • 3 : Everyone (Bonus Points If It's Your Vet) Commits On How 'Obese' Your Cat Is, When In Reality It's Just A Big Ass Cat That Weighs 14 - 35lbs And Is At least 3 Feet Long ;)
Nico was my largest and heaviest Ragdoll I ever had, everyone (including his vet) was always urging me to put him on a diet, because he's so 'fat'. Not true at all! Nico was 3 feet long from nose to tail tip and weighted 14lbs. 

  • 4 : Their Legs Are About As Long As Your Arms
Okay, that maybe a bit of a over exaggeration, but seriously, I am 5'9 and Nico's arms were at least a foot long. I kid you not. 

  • 5 : You'll Need a Medium Sized DOG Crate to Trassport Them in
No joke. They don't make cat carriers that big. Like for real.

  • 6 : You'll Go Through Food and Litter Like There's No Tomorrow
Like a large breed dog, large breed cats need more food. They can go through 20lbs of litter a week between 1 of them. Yikes...

  • 7 : And, Lastly They're Way Better Than Regular Sized Cats Times Four (Literally haha)
Ragdolls for life. 

They're funny to watch.

They're 'go with the flow' kinda thing.

Their eyes are captivating...

They're pretty to look at.

They roll over on commend.

They sit still for photo shoots.

They like going for walks in the park like a dog.

Ragdoll Mommy~

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