Sunday, October 16, 2016

Rest in Peace, Baloo: May 26, 2011 - October 15, 2016

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We had to make the very difficult decision to let Baloo go yesterday morning. Baloo had struggled with urinary track infections, crystals and a blockage throughout his whole life (starting at the age of 1 year old), he started urinating throughout the house (especially on the bed) and after taking him to the vet several times, the vet found a urinary track infection flare up again, we got antibiotics for it and treated it, he was put back on Science Diet prescription C\D canned cat food again, he had been on valium before and it did not work. He had been to 3 different vets and each one diagnosed it as medical and behavioral. We tried every litter I could get my hands on, Cat's Attract Litter too, different litter boxes, sizes, no litter mat, with a litter mat, puppy training pads by the litter box, in the litter box, nothing in the litter box at all, different locations, he has had 4 owners (I was his 2nd), I rehomed him twice in vain to see if a new home would help. His inconvenience caused him to be abused in his 4th home. The list goes on and on....I believe Baloo might of suffered a second blockage, he was in a lot of mental and physical pain. There was nothing his vet could do to save Baloo. I took on Baloo knowing he had all these problems, I fought them in vain for 1.1 years. He would of been euthanized if I had not taken him I think. It takes a village to want to deal with a animal like that. He ruined my mattress, sheets, comforter, bags, a pillow, a previous laptop sleeve, several blankets, a cat carrier, towels, a cat bed, CDs, books, magazines, a chair, clothes, rugs, and that is just the tip of the iceberg.

I loved him too much to disown him. One thing I really loved about Baloo was that, dispute the horrible inconvenience, no one but me could work with him. It's like we were in this all alone. No help needed. We helped each other where no one could, we both had bad shit to deal with, but at the end of the day we were always there for each other. He taught me everything I needed to I just have to learn how to go on without him.

Baloo was a excellant fatherly figure towards Cordoba.

" He came into your heart one day,
so beautiful and smart,
A dear and sweet companion,
You loved him from the start.
And although you knew the time would come,
when you'd have to part,
He'll never be forgotten,
he left paw prints on your heart. "
- Unknown.

" What will I do without you my precious friend? Part mischief but all blessing. I loved you to the end. A few short years is all we had, then one day we had to part. You will always be my loving friend, you'll forever have my heart".

Rest in peace, my darling boy. I will always love you....even if I can't see you.

Ragdoll Mommy~


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