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Review Day: The 'Bridge' Genuine Leather Cat Collar from BastardCat!

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Hi Everyone,

I was given the wonderful opportunity to work with BastardCat to bring you our review for their cat collar called the 'Bridge'. The Bridge is hand stitched from genuine leather and all cat collars made by BastardCat are equipped with a breakaway mechanism. It is the kind of breakaway that is now less common, instead of the collar actually snapping open when the animal gets stuck on something, this collar stretches wide when the animal gets caught on something. Their collars are made with cat bells too.

The Bridge is one of a kind and this was the last one available. I really think that its a beautiful masterpiece. This is not your cheap, crappy, "fall apart" collars from Petsmart, Petco, etc. Not made in China. United States made and an absolutely gorgeous piece. BastardCat has a small collection of different collar varieties and they can custom make something for you too.
This is what BastardCat has to say about their very unique cat collars:

Each cat collar that we make is a one of a kind and created 100% from scratch by our hands. Made of genuine leather and hand stitched with a waxed leather thread. Each collar has a metal buckle fastener and a metal ring for tags. And most importantly, all of our cat collars are equipped with a safety BREAK-AWAY ring for your cat’s safety. Each collar has an 1/8" thick little rubber ring that stretches and breaks if the cat got caught and needed to pull herself out of it.

The main reason we started making leather collar for cats was when our crazy little Oona came into our lives, we could not find any high quality leather collars for cat with break-aways so we decided to make them ourselves. 

Right now, BastardCat has 6 different collar options. All are very beautiful and I'm sure are as durable as mine. They run at $35.00 USDA dollars a piece. I know, you are all probably saying that is very expensive for a cat collar, but believe me - it is very worth it. $35 is actually a pretty fair price for genuine leather. Personally, I think that $35 is low for this well of quality though. No complaints though, haha.


* Fast shipping.

* Friendly customer service.

* Absolutely eye catching.

* Made with genuine leather.

* Various choices to choose from.

* It has a breakaway mechanism.

* It fits all of the cats (I haven't tried it on Cordoba yet, but she is not with me right now).

* It has a bell to keep cats from catching birds\other wild life.

* Sturdy.

* Outstanding quality.

* Very soft leather.

* It has padded around the inside of the neck leather to prevent sore necks, especially when they're on the leash, outside, etc.

* Hand made.

* Made in the USA.

* All of the cats love it and look good in it.


* The breakaway mechanism is actually pretty poor. It is a thick rubber band that stretches when the cat gets caught on something and is suppose to widen the collar to the point that the cat can slip away. I just retired a collar of Angel's that had the slip lock ring. It was elastic though and actually worked. This one does not, the cat would have to be either very heavy or hanging from a heavy object in order for this to work.
I am all for safety measures, but this ring truly concerns me. If you own indoor cats that are only allowed outside with supervision (like mine are) then it would probably be okay, but if your cats are outdoor cats, I'd be very careful.

Suggestions\improvements I'd like to see in this product:

* Different slip lock safety ring.

* Thicker leather.

Over all, the cats and I rate this a 5 star product. I will be buying some in the future.

Note: BastardCat agreed to sending me a free product in exchange for an honest review. All opinions and photos are my own.

Ragdoll Mommy~

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