Friday, October 4, 2013

Family Friday

Hi,Everyone! Today is Nico&Anya speaking! So we thought we would do a "Family Friday". Instead of "It's kinda a funny story". 'Cause I mean we don't have anything to tell you about that's actually funny.Lol. So it's been 5 years since we've actually seen our parents! It's been too long! So mom thought she'd put together a family meeting thingy lol;-)
We  thought we'd go to Hawaii!! LOL!
Then we went to  West Palm Beach Florida!! LOL!
And then we went to a beautiful park in Maine!
And then we went to the Botanical gardens in Dothan Alabama!  Note Nico and I have actually been here before with Ragdoll Mommy!
And then we went to a park in Disney World Orlando Florida! Note: We were a little scared but we had mommy there to make it all the better............... Typical 36 year olds! (We are 5 years old,but in cat years we are 36....Yikes! LOL!)
And then we went to The  Grand canyon!
And then we to the.......Umm??? Mom forgot the name of the place lol;-)
And then we went to Alaska! And to make it all the better (Worst) we went for a swim! The water was cold as F*CK!!! Lol
And then we went to South Dakota! Note: Dad decided to climb the Mountain a little......Well until mom saw him,and call for him to come back down before he hurts himself! (Men can be pretty darn dumb sometimes!!) LOL!
And then we went out for dinner at The Rod n' Rail. In Sarasota Florida! Note: Our parents paid for dinner! Yay! Way'd go guys! LOL!
And then after dinner, we went to a park in New Hampshire! Note: We were taking a new walk.....Until this deer decided to cross our paths! Anya and I were terrified..............So was dad LOL!     Anya and I hid behind Mom............So did dad lol!  But then mom called for dad to come back and chase the deer away.....And guess what his response to that was???? He said: No mommy I'm scared!!! LOL!  But he eventually "Put on his big boy pants" lol. And chased it away..........With the help of mom lol;-) Okay fine you got me.........Mom had to chase dad in order to have him chase the deer away........'Cause I mean he's afraid of mom LOL! 

And then we went home. After a long day's FUN in the United States lol! 

But after we arrived home.........I and mom and dad went to sleep.. 'Cause we were all really tired!!

But we should have known that Anya was up to no good! 

She decided to go sneak out of the house and take our sports car and drive to the beach!! 

How dare she right??!!
How dare she???!!!
Oh I see! 

She snuck out of the house to be with her boyfriend Cody!!! 

Ugh.....That means I gotta go get up n' tell mom or dad! 

I really hate sisters sometimes!!
So mom and Anya had a little chat of "Mother and Daughter talk". And I  ("*Sigh* good thing I'm a dude!! LOL!"). 
Mom and Anya. Mom is on the left and Anya to the right.
Dad always said I look just like mom..........Is that true??? 

And the all lived happily never after............Err "Happily ever after!!" LOL.

Love Queen Alexandria (AKA Alex). And Mr Blue. And Nico&Anya~

And Ragdoll mommy~ 



  1. Oh you made my mommy smile and smile and smile! Thank you, girls for this adventure! I loved it too, but my mommy just read every word and took her time all over again. xoxox

  2. Oh, that was so sweet! We love it when families all get together. :)

  3. OMC that is just too funny!! Now I know where Cody was!! MOL!


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