Friday, January 3, 2014

Don't be embarrassed...............


Most of you know by now that Anya and Nico are leashed trained, right? How did I get them to do that? Well, since their Ragdolls I didn't have any problem putting a harness and leash on them both. Yeah, right lol. No, that's not the truth. The truth is....... Wait for it......... Yeah, I train my cats. Yep, I said it. I know:" What?! You train your cats?! Hahahaha!!" Or "Good luck with that!" ( in a sarcastic way, not the "you-just-made-my-day" kinda way). I admit...... I have been laughed at a few times in public with Nico and Anya on their harness and leash. But it never hurts my feelings. Because, in all honesty I don't give no fucks about what anybody thinks of me and my "leashed trained" cats, sure laugh at me all you want, call us names, tell me cats's are dumb, or we look stupid. I DON'T CARE!!!! 
How do you like them apples, dog-owners?! 

I am not saying all dog-owners are dumb or selfish or anything, because some are and some are not; just like with cat-owners. But most of the people who ever laughed at me and Nico and Anya are dog-owners, in fact I am very if ever rarely laughed at by a cat-owner. 
Who says you can't train a cat?! 
Nico at a park in Dothan, AL. 
And not only is Anya leashed trained, but she can do gardening work! Lol;-) oh, by the way; we are growing carrots, AND an "Anya", LOL! :-)
I have also trained Anya to look up at me for a picture:-) 
She is also very trusting! 
Anya from above. 
Anya taking me to somewhere magical...... LOL! 
Nico from above. 
Nico. Note: he is so strong, that he has managed to drag me around! Half kidding;-) 
My handsome dude. 

NOTE: ALL cats outside were ONLY there for taking pictures!

So, there's the question; do you train your cats? Or are they leashed trained? 

Ragdoll Mommy x Nico&Anya~


  1. Our ragdolls loves to walk in a harness. We began training Lukas and Molly already when they were a few months. They are always very excited when I put on the harness! They paws on almost like dogs :)

  2. I do wish I'd done this when they were kittens but at their age now it is a battle not worth fighting. My two are very tuned in and I'm not sure if they are 'trained' around the house as such or if we just live very harmoniously. Either way its al good.

  3. No lease training, but I know how to give a paw for high five and beg when asked. Those people are silly we can do "dog training" things just as well.

  4. Me LOVE to take walk´s in my harness and leash !¨
    I can do 6 tricks to get treats = High Five , Dance , Wave paw , Shake Paw , Be ashamed and Kiss :)

  5. Mom wish I'd walk with a harness and leash so she can walk around with me.

  6. we totally do clicker training at our shelter. It keeps the more energetic and intelligent cats from getting bored - and into trouble. Training is totally acceptable. We do harnesses too.

  7. my Angel Bobo used to LOVE going out on his leash. He actually had a dog leash, I was too afraid that a cat one would break, so he had a metal chain dog leash and a leather collar :)


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