Thursday, January 2, 2014

It might be time to say "Goodbye", to a GREAT friend.....


As I mentioned a few days ago, that I do still have a iPod Nano; it's true I do, I know who would keep that old thing around, now that Apple has moved all of our storage to iCloud and iOS, but my iPod Nano, doesn't support iCloud or iOS, it's too old AND yes, it doesn't even have a touch-screen AND it still uses a click-wheel!! Yes, I know it's ancient! 
Yes, I actually do own an iOS and iCloud device ( iPod Touch 4th), or iTouch for short. 

Well, unfortunately I think my flash memory is dying on my iPod Nano. Flash memory is what keeps my iPod working, and once that stops working so does the iPod; the iPod Nano doesn't run on hard drive, like the iPod Classic does. 

I think my iPod is about 5 or 6 or 7 years old. I would absolutely be devastated if it died, I know nothing lasts forever, but I don't want my iPod to die! :-( it's been with me for years, it's been on multiple vists with me down to Sarasota, Florida, to Gainesville, Florida. Okay, let me just make a list instead, lol.

Places I have been with my iPod:
1: Sarasota, Florida.
2: Gainesville, Florida. ( and yes, that does include when we got Nico and Anya on July first, 2012.) 
3: New York in 2006 or 2007. 
4: Malone, Florida.
5: Panama City, Florida.
6: Youngstown, Florida. 
7: North Carolina.
8: South Carolina.
9: Virginia.
10: Atlanta, Georgia.
11: Georgia.
12: Orlando, Florida.
13: Richmond, Virginia.
14: Bradington, Florida.
15: Tampa, Florida. 
16: High Springs, Florida.
17: Ocalla, Florida. 
18: Dothan, Alabama.
19: Alabama.
20: Helen, Georgia.
21: Tallahassee, Florida. 
22: South Beach, Florida. 
23: New York again. 

And a lot more places...... 

"Say hello, to my little friend."
-Steve Jobs. 

Anyway, why do I think my iPod is dying?  It's calendar doesn't work anymore, it still thinks it's May, 15, 2013. It also has trouble turning on and off; and in 2012 or 2011, the whole screen of my iPod went black for no reason, and the battery didn't need to charge, because I was still listening to music. I was extremely scared, as I thought it was dying. I know, I am writing this post like I am talking about another human or a pet; but no, I am talking about my iPod, and yes it's more than just an iPod ( and no, I don't mean by "it's more than an iPod" as in it's an iPod Nano! ), it's more than that as well, it's more like "my BFF" (best friend forever), lol;-) 

So let me know if you have an iPod Nano or know a friend that does, if so is it dying? Do you think my iPod had a good run, and now it might be time to say "goodbye"? 

Please contact me with any info! 
You can do so at: or 

Or in the comments!!

Thank you!

Ragdoll Mommy~


  1. Hi sweeties,
    here in Brasil´s south is very very hot now... we don´t like this summer!!!
    Enjoy your cold time.

  2. I like to get the value out of my tech too but you'll know when the time comes to bit the bullet and discover what is new. Took me ages to upgrade my smartphone but when I finally saw one worth my investment I have been thrilled with the improvements on it.

    I am an apple/itunes free zone as I dislike the way they charge and dictate how you use their software so I cant comment on how good or bad the latest generation of ipods are but I wish you well in your search and courage if you take the leap for a new one.

  3. We don't have an ipod anything, though the mom has an iphone and an ipad. Maybe you could talk with someone at the Apple store about your nano and they could determine if it's really dying.


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