Friday, January 10, 2014

Frozen Friday, with Ragdoll Mommy&Star

Ice on Wednesday. 
More of it; it reminds me of a cave. 
Frozen tree.
Ice and a lot of it......
It kinda looks like crystals, if you ask me. 
Frozen leafs.
Water dripping off of a leaf.
Look closely; you can see "fuzzy ice"! 

Weird shape, but pretty.
I was holding a lot of ice, so my hands were COLD and red, especially my right hand ( I am right handed). 
Poor Star was freezing! She had the heating pad on and her blanket and her dress and her neck warmer............ Lol;-) God, does Star LOVE that neck warmer!!


Ragdoll Mommy~





  1. Star darling, were you outside to get so cold? My goodness you are gorgeous. I'm so glad you are in TLOA. xxi

  2. Mom wanted me to tell you she LOVES the ice pictures. VERY well done.

  3. The ice looks furry beutiful , to bad it's so cold :)

  4. There be very cold there :(, nice to meet you , and you are welcome to our blog

  5. Oh my it looks so cold over there!!!!!!!


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