Monday, January 6, 2014

Review Day:

Hi Everyone!

Today is a another review day, yay! Go check them out at:
We got to review a beautiful cat ID tag for Anya, it's a shamrock with crystals (not real crystals, of course; but it is still very nice and pretty:-) 

Here it is on Anya. It's a beauty for my beauty;-) 
It is a very strong and sturdy tag; Anya has been outside (on her harness and leash only!), with the tag and it hasn't gotten dirty at all, she has put it in her water bowl before when she drinks, and our phone# number hasn't rubbed away at all. The crystals on it have surprisingly stayed on, personally I thought they would have fallen off by now, but they haven't so that's great! 
As you can see, it is grayish with some black on it, it has two beautiful crystals on it; one blue the other one is green. Our phone# number is on the back of the tag, as I dislike a lot of tags with our phone# number on the front of the tag. 
A better picture of the crystals.
; and the ring.
A closer picture of both the tag and the crystals. 

What do I like about this tag? 

1: Beautiful.
2: Fast shipping and friendly customer service. 
3: The crystals were custom made ( I got to pick the color of the crystals), I chose blue and green for the tag, though I could have so easily picked blue and orange (Florida Gator fan), but I don't think they had orange for the crystals, and I had a horrible feeling that that would look terrible with the tag. So I went with blue and green. **wink**...... 
4: This isn't not something that was cheeply made, it's not something that you can find at Petsmart or Petco or whatever; nope, it's a VERY strong and beautiful tag, it obviously took a lot of work to do/make. 
5: Even the crystals are sturdy/strong! 

What did I not like about this tag?

1: Nothing!
2: Nothing!
3: Nothing!
4: Nothing!
5: And did I mention nothing???!!!  Lol;-)

I am 100% satisfied with this tag, and I highly recommend this tag to anyone that has a dog or cat. 

NOTE: Starwarz (AKA, Star), also has a tag made by the same person that made Anya's tag! 
Star's tag, like Anya's tag; Star's is still in good shape, even after a year! 


Ragdoll Mommy~


  1. Wow, those are such beautiful and unique tags! Thank you for sharing about them, Ragdoll Mommy! :)

  2. Lovely. I wish I wore a collar but mommy never made me.


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