Monday, January 20, 2014

Review day:

Hi-ya, everyone!

Today is another review day, so let's get to it!

Go check them out at:

We got to review a handsome and sexy looking cat collar for Nico, and what I really adore about it is the fact that it's PAC Man on it! 
Nico's collar. 
Nico in his collar. NOTE: he didn't wanna hold still for a pic;-)

Anyways, these collars come in a lot of colors and patterns and all kinds of cool stuff; when I was asked to do the review, I was stuck between two patterns lol. 

What did I like about this collar?

* Friendly customer service.
* Cute collar.
* Nico didn't mind wearing it.
* Hand-made and nicely made.
* Lots of patterns to choose from.
* Lots of colors too.

What did I dislike about it?

* Nothin'. 

This collar is hand-made and nylon, it's soft but high quality.

I think everyone who has a cat should get this collar.

I'm 100% happy with this collar. 


  1. That collar sure looks very pretty! I love Pac man :-) And I love hand-made things, too!

  2. That's so cute! I remember Pac Man from way back. Love the way Nico is ignoring the camera!

  3. É um colar bonito e Nico parece confortável com ele.

  4. That looks like a cool collar. I can't tell, is it a break-away one?

  5. Such a cute collar! I love the pac man. I hope that Nico liked it too!

  6. Mommy never could get me into a collar and she had me as a kitten. Katie Isabella said no, too.


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