Saturday, January 25, 2014

Review Day:

Good morning  everybody,

Today is another review day! Yay!! We got to review a nice and very special cat litter mat for Nico and Anya, so let's hear about it now! But first, go check them out at:
This litter mat is called The Smartcatcher. 
This litter mat came from an Etsy shop in Boston, Massachusetts. 

You can buy this litter mat on Etsy for $59.99

I adore The Smartcatcher Litter Mat! And that's not all why I love it, it locks in 72% more litter than a normal litter mat! That's not all, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THE SMARTCATCHER LITTER MAT!!!!! 
It does work very, very well and it feels wonderful on cats's paws, declawed or not and it even feels good on my paws, err, I mean feet lol;-) And The Smartcatcher Litter Mat lasts 3X longer than ordinary litter mats!!

I choose The Smartcatcher Litter Mat, because I was looking for a good mat to stop my cats from kicking litter everywhere when they go to their litter boxes, their original litter mat was a pos (piece of shit), and it was $7 dollars and I got it from Wal-mart lol. At first I was going to look for a litter mat at Petsmart, that looked a lot like Nico&Anya's old litter mat from when we got them, back in 2012. I loved everything about that mat, but one day Nico or Anya throw up on it and we had to throw it away:-( But now we have The Smartcatcher Litter Mat and I'm sooooooooooooooooooo glad we own one! I had never heard of them until I read about them on Etsy. 

This litter mat locks in cat litter so it doesn't go all over your floor; It's strong and both of my cats (Star and Saphira), have scratched on it. This material is so unique that it kinda reminds me of moss when you pet it.  

This glorious litter mat comes in two colors, the one we have is gray and it has blue paw prints on it, the other color is blue with gray paw paints on it. 
Saphira with it the day it got here.
Before I opened it.
The back of the package.
Blue paw prints.
Blue paw print.
Where it doesn't have any paw prints.
Three paw prints.
The whole litter mat.
The back of the litter mat with paw prints:-)

What did I like about this mat?

* Good material. 
* very fast shipping and friendly customer service. 
* Two colors to choose from.
* Hand-made and nicely made.
* Holds in litter.
* Strong.

What did I dislike about this mat?

* In my opinion, it is over-priced; I mean just how much are you willing to pay for a litter mat? Hmm..... I gotta $5 dollar, I gotta $20 dollar, but I'm not seeing a $59.99 dollar price, sorry but this litter mat is over-priced. But it's worth it! :-)
* It smelt bad when I opened it, it smelled like new rubber; which I dislike the smell of.
* It's a little heavy.

; and that's it! Over all a great review!!

I'm 99% happy with this mat!

Hugs, Ragdoll Mommy~


  1. That's really nice. We could use one of those because we tend to track litter around the house with our floofy paws. How well did it work?

  2. That looks just for you guys :) great

  3. That's really cool. I like the cute paw prints on it!

  4. Really good to read your review of this as it looks like it really would do the job but I'd agree at that price it is ruled out for me.

    I use a long twisty pile bathmat from IKEA which was about £8 and it captures a significant amount of litter. I like the fact it can have the litter shaken off of it then get lobbed in the washing machine as often as needed as they are pretty tough as well as cheap.

  5. That was a good review! I can't afford it but if I could I would get it on your review.

  6. A bit over priced is right!

  7. You are right about pricing being bit too high, but it sure sounds wonderful litter mat! And it's so pretty! I adore those paw prints :-)

  8. It looks like a nice mat, but it is rather pricey. Thanks for the review.


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