Monday, May 19, 2014

Leo Leaves Her Kittens Orphaned

Hi Guys!

I thought I'd kick off this post with a review and some more info on the kittens! So far they're doing good; all 4 of them have a small eye infection though, but apart from that they're great, I estimate that they're only about 4 weeks old at the most. I've been taking great care of them and all 4 adult cats want to kill me (Saphira, Star, Nico, and Anya), Anya completely ignored me when I came home from playing with the kittens, Star is in a pissy mood (as usual) lol, Saphira has been hiding from me and Nico doesn't want my attention, which is quite rare! I guess they thought I was going to abandon them, lol; which I obviously wouldn't do under ANY circumstance! :-)
Aren't they adorable?! The one with his paws on the rim is a boy--all of the others are girls. The kitten with her eye closed to the right hand-side, has an eye infection so that's why its closed, but I did wipe it out like 900,00 times. 
The lightest colored one is the
Their mom (Leo) has abandoned them; either she was killed by something or someone or she died, or she might of ran off. I hope she isn't dead. It actually makes me a bit sad that she's gone now, I not only fear for her kittens but also her, she was never the and I quote "perfect" mother, but she definitely got the job done. 
Leo with her previous litter in October of 2013. 
R.I. P Leo if you're dead. 

The only male.

One of the poor long haired girls with 
her eye infection. For as bad as these kittens look, they're actually quite the friendly, playful, active 
type of your typical kitten, I played with them for hours; like until 8 PM to 10 PM, ( Friday night) I was told that they should sleep outside as that would probably be best for them sense they were both born and half raised outside; but both I and they had other ideas lol, as I go to put them back outside that same Friday night and after I had put them back outdoors, like 5 minutes later all 4 of them wanted me-- since Leo died/disappeared, I have became like their adopted mother, they now depend on me for food, water, shelter, protection, and love, and I provide all 5! 
The short haired girl.

The other long haired girl.

I know it looks like I'm trying to 
strangle him, but that's just how I was holding him, he actually liked it and he kinda goes limp like a Ragdoll cat when you pick him up (none of them are Ragdolls).

He loves lying on my lap. 

The boy.
Note: I'm sincerely sorry for most of the pictures either being blurry or very low quality; I was sitting 
on the floor with them in our kitchen and the light in there gave it bad quality photos. 

I'll post more about them soon. Now lets get to that review!
This time we got to review another thing
 for the kitties; what's new? Lol. This fun cat toy is a hoop made out of metal and yarn. The kitties 
loved it until they broke the fucking thing, lol. 


  1. Oh no! Poor Leo :( That's so sad... the kittens are so sweet though, lovely to see such tiny little things (you know.. with a colossal Ragdoll lying around all the time..).

  2. Oh the kittens are so cute! Glad they have you to take care of them.
    I'm worried about Leo....I sure hope she is okay somewhere.

  3. Os gatinhos são lindos e parecem ter boa saúde apesar da infecção ocular.
    Espero que Leo esteja bem e que os seus gatos aceitem os filhotes.

  4. I have to say they are adorable. I love kittens and cats.

  5. Oh no! Poor Leo! It makes us sad to think that she might be dead... :-( But the kitties are super cute! All the best to them! :-) xoxo Roxy & Tigerlino <3

  6. praying that Leo isn't dead....could she have gone looking for shelter for them or something? Her kitties are precious


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