Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Proof That Ragdolls Are Better Than Birmans

My stunning Bluepoint Mitted Ragdoll Anya (a.k.a Blue Mitted). 
This cat is uglier than Anya, its a Bluepoint Birman. I know they look alike in a lot of ways, but Mitted Ragdolls always have a white chin (like Anya) unless mismarked, while Birmans always have 
a dark colored chin, unless mismarked. Birmans are an older breed than the Ragdolls, Ragdolls come in more colors and patterns, Ragdolls are a lot better with kids; I recall being 10ish and going to Petsmart with my mom and brother and sisters to pick up some pet supplies for our Dachshunds and cats, I and 3 of my siblings went to go look at the cats in the adoption center while our mom and older sister went to get the pet stuff, I had saw this beautiful or should I say handsome male Birman cat up for adoption, I went over to pet him (you're allowed to pet the cats here) and all that cat did was growl and hiss at me and tried to bite. Which left me thinking: "god, what a douche." **goes over to see the mutt cats**. Ragdoll owners are also a lot friendlier, every time I'm out with Nico&Anya and people ask to pet them I let them do so; unless they have dogs. Then there was that time when we took Nico to the Petsmart vet for his UTI, and as we were waiting for our turn and while the other people that came with us were in the bathroom I decided to take Nico to the cat part of the store to look at cat toys to help keep him quiet, about 5 or so feet away from us stood a lady with her two Birman cats looking at the cat collars (the collars and cat toys are in the same row) and her cats start meowing to get out of their carriers and their owner says "shut up, you stupid mutts!", now her stupid cats have gotten Nico meowing and I say "aw, its gonna be okay Nico", and that bitch looks at us like she wants to hit Nico. 

So there's the proof that Ragdolls are better than Birmans.

#Ragdolls rule,
Ragdoll Mommy~


  1. We don't think that cat is ugly. We know some beautiful Birmans that are very nice...and their owners are very nice too.

    1. Well, good for you. All of the Birmans I've met are assholes.

  2. Lol. Never met a Birmans before but I'll let you know if they are grasshoppers! 😃😃: )

  3. I meant grassholes lol not grasshoppers : )


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