Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Review Day:

Hi guys!

We have another review for you today! ;-) This time we got to review 3 cool kitty toys for Nico, one mouse, one ball, and one pumpkin. Random right? Lol, but he loves 'em and that is all that truly matters, right? Go check out her shop Here!
Aren't they cute? 
The red and green ball (A.K.A The 
Christmas ball).
The blue and gray pumpkin. I call it a blueberry though, lol. So, A.K.A the blueberry..
And the mousie (A.K. A the mouse, just 
the mouse).

Star actually liked them the most, but Nico liked them too. Nico dislikes catnip and catnip is inside these toys, so he didn't like them as much as the girls did, who likes catnip, but he sure does play with them every now and then. Nico will not eat straight catnip.
Anyways, Saphira will eat catnip and so does Anya, Nico won't, Star will, but its incredibly rare.


* Cats liked them
*Friendly customer service
*Good prices
*Real catnip
*Hand made
*Fast shipping


Nothing here!

Ragdoll Mommy~



  1. Darling! Look like lots of fun to play with them!

  2. Those toys are so cute! I love the little mousie very much :-)

  3. Those are cute toys! And of course, the best part is that your cats all liked them. :)

  4. We thought the little mousie was very cute.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  5. Those are lovely little crochet cuties and good the cats took to them.

    Thank you so much for your lovely comments on my blog and taking the time to leave them. I'm enjoying posting again and I live in hope of things improving. I'm not sure what will happen but I can but try.
    RedSetter, Magic and Red xxx

    1. Thanks.

      No problem, after all you needed those comments. <3 =)

  6. Looks like great toy´s accept for the Katnip part , me neither like that.

  7. This really cool toys !!!!!!! And also are very beautiful !!!!!Hehehe....
    A meow of Frida and Sofia

  8. I'd play with those but I definitely would want catnip. What can I say, I lived through the '60's and 70's.

  9. I bet the kitties loved them. They look like fun.


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