Thursday, May 22, 2014

Review Day:


Mind if I do another review for you today? This time we got to review an awesome cat collar for Star, and what do you know, it has stars on it! This stunning collar is blue with silver stars on it and it came with this cute little star charm too! All things Star, right?! Go get yourselves a really nice Star collar Here!
Star's new collar. Note: both the ID tag and the bell were not part of this review. 
Sorry for the blur and the
 fact that you can't see her collar--she didn't want to hold still for this, lol. 

The thing I didn't like about this collar is the fact that it's buckle is made of really weak plastic. But over all its adorable.

How it looks against Star's fur.

The adorable little star charm.


*Fast shipping
*Friendly customer service
*Star liked it
*It looks good on Star
*Hand made
*Good prices; was only $10 dollars
*Safety collar


*Weak buckle 
*The stars on it have almost all faded

Ragdoll Mommy~


  1. I love reading reviews of new products. I'd love my two to wear collars as they are now getting out a little but they've both decide to show, in the way only cats can, that collars will NOT be their accessory of 2014, or any other year for that matter!

    1. Hmm.. Have you ever tried those microchip things? I'm not sure if they have them in the UK though.

  2. My tabby will not leave a collar on, either. So, a weak buckle is not good!

    1. My two Ragdolls used to hate wearing collars; until I left them on all nite--that fixed it.

  3. Our cats would never collars.

  4. What a nice collar. We really like the charm.


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