Friday, May 2, 2014

Star Needs Your Help!

Hi guys!

As some of you may know, that Star is highly allergic to corn. She gets really nasty scabs on her skin and she yanks out all of her fur, especially on her tail and butt area and on her stomach and back legs, and I just can't stand to see my baby yank out all of her fur anymore. She is currently eating Boots & Barkley's Cat Food for Adult Cats; which does contain corn in it, what doesn't these days? Even humans are NOT designed to eat corn, better yet cats are also not designed to eat corn, as they're carnivores--an animal who pretty much just eats meat. Anyways, I am wanting to change Star's food to something that is better for her and without corn in it. I am considering Taste Of The Wildside Cat Food. 
Star again.
And again.

So that begs the question, have you tried Taste Of The Wildside on your cat or dog? How did she or he like it? 

Ragdoll Mommy & Star~


  1. Have you tried Almo Nature wet food? It's organic, completely natural, and doesn't contain any corn.

  2. We've never tried Taste Of The Wildside. I hope you can find the best food for Star!

  3. So perfect face!
    Have a nice weekend!

  4. We haven't tried that food, so we're sorry that we can't be of any help. WE are currently trying to find Moosey a new wet food, and are having a difficult time because he's kind of picky. We hope you're able to find beautiful Star some corn-free food that she enjoys.

    Have a great weekend!

  5. Oh no, poor Star! We have never tried that food. Keeping our paws crossed that you will find some food that is good for her!! xoxo Roxy & Tigerlino <3

  6. We fed the cats Taste of the Wild Canyon River flavor for a few years. We switched to Tractor Supply 4Health brand recently when they came out with their own grain-free food. I'd recommend either one; the 4Health food is about $6 less for a 15lb bag. All 4 cats like both brands, their fur has been much shinier and their ears have been cleaner since we switched to grain free food.

  7. There are lots of foods that don't contain corn. Look for anything "grain free." We use to eat "Taste of the Wild." but we stopped liking it for some reason. We now like Weruva foods. They're really tasty!

  8. We love those pictures of Star, she has such beautiful eyes and fur color. We haven't tried that food before but we have heard good things about it. We don't eat anything with corn in it because of allergies and eat a grain free one that is made in Canada. Hope you can find something for Star that she likes and that agrees with her system.

  9. Never had that, but when we thought Cody's allergies were food related, he was eating Royal Canin's rabbit formula which was pure rabbit. Are you sure her allergies are from food? We thought Cody's were and then found out they were environmental


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