Friday, May 9, 2014

Who Says You CAN'T Train a Cat? / How to Train Your Kitty:


Do you wanna learn how to teach your cat a trick or two? Think cats are un-train able? Think again, all 4 of my cats know at least 3 tricks per cat. I know, I know, you're probably thinking that I have too much free time, but you should probably think about that again, because I really don't, I just have a lot of patiences with my cats, well most of the time. 

Here's how to train your kitty! 

Grab kitty's favorite treats or food or a toy they like. Remember that cats have short attention spans, they're not dogs or people; dogs are pack animals, meaning that they're willing to do pretty much anything for the alpha dog (a.k.a you), and would rather please you over themselves, cats on the other hand are not pack animals but rather solitary animals, meaning ones that generally live on their own and don't have a pack leader, cats would rather please themselves over you, but not all cats are like this--Anya and Nico are very dog-like because they're Ragdolls which is a very dog-like breed, and would probably rather please me over themselves, but this isn't guaranteed ;-) But is over all generally true. Anyways, get your cat's favorite treats, food, or toy and depending on what trick you wanna teach him/her, if this is your cat's first training leason then I'd just start with "sit" as that's pretty easy, or "up". Star learned "up" in 2 days, Saphira in 1 day, Anya in 1 hour, and Nico in 1 week; yeah, he's kinda slow, typical guy--just kidding;-) 
To teach your kitty "up" hold his/her favorite treat (just 1) or food (just 1 piece) or a toy (1 only) above his or her head, but still at eye-level; make sure you get his or her's attention first by saying his or her name--not a nick name, i.e Fluffy, look at me. Once you get his or her attention, show him or her the food or treat or toy that you have; remember to hold the treat/food/toy above your cat so it still see's it but can't quite reach it, now act fast and say: up! If she or he doesn't do anything then either try again or try tomorrow, but if she or he does do what you wanted immediately say: Good kitty! Or great job, (whatever your cat's name is) and immediately give him or her the treat/food/toy. If you cat can't figure it out do NOT hit, yell, or smack your cat; unlike dogs, cats don't understand punishment and if you hit your cat he or she might lose trust in you and see you as a threat--therefor becoming skittish of you or even other people. If your cat becomes stressed out or annoyed by you then leave him or her to cool off for a bit then try again another time, your cat will thank you for it!
Tip: My cats do best with a treat over a toy or food. You may also want to try catnip (if your kitty likes it) or just attention from you and positive reinforcement. 


Ragdoll Mommy~


  1. I grew up with cats and there are still cats in my family. We never taught them any tricks per say but they all responded when you called them. Give them love and affection and they will return it.

  2. We'd do ANYTHING for a treat or catnip... we'd even let our humans train us... ;-) xoxo Roxy & Tigerlino <3

  3. It's true. Cats are really smart, and totally trainable. Moosey gets meds each night, and knows to sit in the exact same spot. He also knows he's going to get treats afterward. He also knows how to "high five."

  4. Kitties are very smart for sure! I think training with treat is also fun and good way to communicate :-)


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