Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Review Day

Chili peper.
Star checking them out

Hi Everyone! ,

Today is a review day for a few awesome cat toys on Etsy. They are three, and they are: a crab, an octopus, and a chili pepper. I really like hand made cat toys and I think they are a bit more attractive to my cats. They also have catnip inside which is nice. These toys are around $3 dollars per toy, which is pretty good, especially for the quality. The quality of these toys are amazing, I've had them for a little over a year now (I know, I know, real sleazy of me to now only getting around to it, but I've been ridiculously busy....). I am not a sleazy person, but I feel like a real asshole for not getting her review done, I could of sworn I had done it already. I feel terrible. It must suck to have to wait 13 months for a thing you've been promised much sooner. I take full responsibility for this mishap and I truly hope to doesn't happen again.

Chili pepper left, octopus middle, and crab right. Pretty cool huh?


Fast shipping.
Great customer service.
Catnip inside.
Good prices.
Hand made.
Super strong material


Ragdoll Mommy~
Saphira with toys.


  1. Those are such cute toys! It's really good price for handmade items.
    Love the octopus. Really cute :-)

  2. Those are really cute. And we agree with our friend Tamago -- the octopus is our fave, too. :)


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