Friday, March 20, 2015

From Kittenhood to Adulthood: The Blue Mitted Ragdoll Transform

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Happy 1st Day of Spring!

Blue Mitted Ragdolls are the most popular color x pattern combo. They are also one of the quickest Ragdoll cat color x pattern combo to complete, they're beautiful ghostly gray coat and appearance is striking at adulthood, the color can range anywhere from a cool crisp gray to slate or even a deep dark gray color. Ragdoll cats take 2 years to devolop their full coat color, 4 years to mature into an adult, and all Ragdolls are born completely white, all Ragdolls have a pointed coat and blue eyes.

Anya is a Blue Mitted and the photos below show her coat and color change. Do not use any photos without my permission first please!

5 weeks - 1 month old.

2 months old.

Nearly 3 months old, taken on 11-10-2008 and she turned 3 months old on 11-14-2008.

Nearly 4 months old, they turned 4 months old on 12-14-2008. Nico on the left (Blue Bicolor) and Anya on the right (Blue Mitted).

5 months old.

3 years old.

4 years old.

5 years old.

Just a few days ago at 6 years old. My baby girl is all grown up!! :-(

The first photo credit goes to Nico and Anya's breeder, the rest goes to Nico and Anya's old owner, and the last three photos are mine. The last one is my fav recent picture of Anya. Took it with my iPhone 4S.

Ragdoll Mommy~


  1. Such a beautiful breed! We really love that you have pictures that show Anya as she grew up , from kittenhood to adult! :)

  2. She is beautiful from kittenhood.

    Emma and Buster

  3. It's interesting to see the color progression as she ages. She's a beautiful girl.

  4. I love watching the color progression of ragdolls, it's fascinating...beautiful pictures.


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