Thursday, March 26, 2015

Karen Watts Claims Anya is "Her" Cat...

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I don't know who "Karen Watts" is, but she (never even heard of her before),  she left me a comment last night at 11:07. Told me how my blog was "misleading" and how it was typed incorrect to my Pinterest account. My Pinterest account is (in a very small way) tied to my blog -- Life with Ragdolls. My Pinterest account is my own personal account, Life with Ragdolls is my own personal blog and hobby. Both are reflections of me and my life style. I am no involved with someone named "Karen Watts", I ignored her comment and had it deleted. The worst part is is that she claimed Anya as "her's". Anya is my cat and solely mine.

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  1. Unfortunately, the weirdos show up now and again. That seems to be par for the internet.

  2. What a strange comment. I would guess that she's probably just another troll out there to cause a stir. Removing it was definitely the way to go.
    - Purrs from your friends at


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