Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Review Day: The JewlerySac's Faith Charm Bracelet

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Hi Everyone,

The JewlerySac makes hand made pearl bracelets, if you're interested, I did another review for them in May 2014, if you want to read or check it out you can do so here. I still have my first bracelet from my May 2014 review, I wear it almost everyday, it was originally pure white, but from lots of use it is taking on a "milky-white" color, but it is not cracking or anything nor is it falling apart. They are extremely sturdy and can take on a lot of use or damage without breaking. The one I reviewed in May 2014, is made of pewter and glass pearls, the one I am reviewing now is also made of pewter and fresh water pearls (genuine pearls) and plastic beads. The first bracelet I reviewed in May 2014 costs $7.00, the one I am reviewing now is $10.00.

If you ever want to know if pearls are real or fake, simply rub them against your teeth, legit pearls feel gritty on your teeth, plastic\glass (fake pearls) feel smooth against your teeth. I like both glass and real pearls, but I personally prefer real pearls. This stunning bracelet comes in a multitude of sizes: 4.0 inches (smallest available), 5.0 inches, 6.0 inches, 7.0 inches (my wrist size and the size I am reviewing), 8.0 inches, 8.5 inches, and 9.0 inches. Phew. The bracelet should not be worn 24\7, because it is pewter, but it does make an awesome accessory for weddings, outings, parties, reunions, etc! Although I love both my bracelets from The JewelrySac, I like my first one (the glass pearls) a bit better, I think it was made a little better and I just prefer it's looks more than Fresh Water Pearls one, but I love both!


* Real fresh water pearls.

* Hand made.

* The wire is double looped around the bracelet for extra support and strength.

* Has a little charm on it that says: Faith.

* Great customer service.


* Slow shipping.

Ragdoll Mommy~

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