Thursday, December 5, 2013

More facts about the name "Anya" and some of "Nico"

Hi, Everyone!

I believe yesterday, someone asked me what the name "Anya" meant. Or maybe they didn't, well; I truly don't remember, but that doesn't mean I can't tell you.  Anyway, it means "grace" or "favor of grace".; and the name "Anya" actually originated from the name "Hannah", then it got cut down to "Annie", then shorten again to "Anya". A lot of people (years ago), would have re-shorten the name "Anya", by taking out the "y" in it. I have no idea Y (Why), lol;-)

Anya is rarely used as a boy's name. Compare that to the name "Nico", now on the other hand, Nico is used as a girl's name a lot!  Now I have no idea Y (Why), ha! See what I did there? I re-used the Y again. Lol;-). Anyway..... Why would you name your daughter "Nico"?  I am not saying Nico is a bad name. Y (Why), hehehe, would I say that? I like the name. As you can see I have a Ragdoll named that! 

The meaning of the name Nico is 'victory of the people'. Nico is name of Greek origin given to boys and whose pronunciation is Nee-koe. The name is a form of Nicholas, but also has other variant forms which are; Nicos, Niko and Nikos.

Anya is Russian.


Ragdoll Mommy~


  1. Thank you for the background on beautiful Anya and handsome Nico's names! We really do think both their names fit them so well. :)

  2. Beautiful names for beautiful kitties!!
    Mommy's college roommate's kitty was named Nicky. And he was a fluffy gray kitty. We think Nico would have fit him better. But Mommy said there was a Greek deli there named Nico's and she loved going there....

  3. São nomes bonitos e eu gostei do significado deles.

  4. love the name Anya and the meeting...wonder if the singer "Enya"'s name means the same? As for Nico....maybe it is short for NICOLE?

  5. We think Anya and Nico are great names. Thanks for telling us what they mean. And we don't think Nico is a good girl name either. Maybe Nica?? :)

  6. We love to know the meanings of the name Anya and Nico !!!!! Very cool !!!!!
    A meow of Sofia and Bilbo


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