Monday, December 16, 2013

Review Day

Hi Everyone,

Today is a review day, for two awesome cat toys! Yay! 

They came from: PacificCatToys, and their shop is awesome; they have lots of cool cat toys for your kitty, they also have a blog about their own kitty; it's called Alice 101. Alice is their kitty. Her full name is Alice Marie, and I actually follow their blog, so I thought it was cool that I got to review a toy from them. They are very creative about what kind of cat toys they make; I myself have never seen cat toys like their's  before in stores or anything, so I thought they are really special toys. They have friendly customer service. 

Saphira LOVES the toys!  They are hand made. 

It was "love-at-first-sight", lol. 

Just so yo
u know, we got to review a strawberry and a mouse. 
This is a blurry picture of Saphira and the bag with the toys we got to review, as you can see she was trying to take it from my hand, lol.

She totally loves them. I call this her 
"Crazy-Cat-Style", I don't know why but I just do. 

It came nicely rapped.

Saphira going crazy with their new 

What did I like about the toys/their shop?
1: Hand made.
2: Nicely made.
3: Catnip inside.
4: Cats love them!
5: Makes cats go ape sh*t!! Lol;-)
6: Friendly customer service.
7: Fast shipping. 

What did I dislike about the toys?
1: Since Saphira is not declawed, she clawed the strawberry a lot and now it's fuzzy in some spots. 
2: Saphira ate the tail on the mouse, lol;-)

And that's it!

Saphira also ate the tag on the strawberry, I should have known better to cut the tag off. 

The poor "tail- less mousey" :-( 

Okay, it has half a tail;-) Ps: the other side of the mouse is gray. 

The strawberry with fuzzing. 

The mouse and strawberry. 

Love, Ragdoll Mommy~



  1. Looks like a lot of fun !
    Me to love mousie tails and get a real good clawgrip :)
    Here in Sweden is de-clawing thank Cod illegal !

  2. Psst !
    LOVE the crazy cat picture on Saphira ♡0

  3. Saphira você está se divertindo muito com seu novo brinquedo! Amei ver o seu nariz rosa e seu olhar feliz!

  4. We say toys are for destroying! Those look like fun to destroy! Lee and Phod

  5. That's a great and enthusiastic review. We can see that Saphira really loved those toys! Moosey has been known to chew the tail off of mouse toys, too. :)


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