Monday, December 30, 2013

Review Day:


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Who's gotta Ragdoll cat? If so are you just totally dying for a case that will fit your iPhone? Or maybe you might own an iPod Touch? And maybe it's time you getta case for it? If so then look no further than this beautiful case!
A few weeks ago, I got to review this awesome case! And guess what?! It's fits my iPod Touch perfectly! 
I now own a White iPod Touch, I still have my Black iPod Touch too; and YES, who could forget about my iPod Nano....... Yeah, I am a HUGE Apple fan! (Apple makes the iPod and iPhone and iPod Touch and iPad and the Mac). 

Anyway, this case will fit a iPod Touch 4th generation; which is not to be confused with the iPod Touch 3rd generatoin.... BIG difference! 

If you don't own an iPod Touch 4th generation, then that's okay; because they also make iPhone 4S cases:-), and if you're not the kool (cool), kid in school or the not-so-cool adult at work, then that's fine because they also make a Samsung

Oh, and try to get too carried away when you buy this case, in other words; try not to be a "dumb-ass", let me tell you my story:

When I was asked to review this case I said sure I'd love to, so the Esty shop owner asked what case I'd like and if I wanted a plastic case or a rubber one. I said I'd like a iPod Touch 4th generation case, and I said I'd like a rubber case, she said okay and asked for my address so I gave her my address and waited on the case to get here so I could do the review. A few weeks later: the case has arrived, so as soon as I had the package in my hands, I ripped that sucker open and tried it out on my iPod Touch, I was pissed; I just found out that I don't have a iPod Touch 4th generation................ That was a pisser! I was like; "WTF?!?!?!, you piece of shit! Why won't you fit?!
Then I look at the back of the case and I see a spot for a camera, it's no wonder my iPod Touch wouldn't fit, I have a 3rd generation; not a 4th, and my 3rd doesn't have a camera. So a few weeks later I actually did get a 4th generation iPod Touch, and hey what'd ya' know, Ragdoll Mommy? It fits a 4th not a 3rd. 

What do I like about this case?
1: I love the fact that it says: I heart my Ragdoll. 
2: for being a plastic case, it's actually pretty strong; last nite Nico by mistake  dropped my iPod Touch, and it fell on it's back and it nor the case broke. So I was really happy about that:-)
3: the sticker part of the case hasn't fallen off.
4: friendly customer service.
5: for being a white case, it doesn't get dirty. As you can see in the picture above I took the picture with the case on the ground outside. 
6: cute.

What did I dislike about the case?
1: I asked for a rubber one, and got a plastic one. But maybe they were or are out of order for the rubber case; and we all know the saying: "you get what you paid for". Well, I reviewed it and didn't pay for it. Lol;-)
2: it's a pain-in-the-ass to even put on and take off of my iPod Touch 4th, I believe my iPod Touch was made in 2012, so it's new and the case should have been easier to put on.
3: it gets sweaty if you hold it in your hands for too long. Then you might have the fear of dropping your iPod Touch or iPhone.

I am 96%  happy with this case and I give it 4 stars. I think you could get it, but MAKE sure what generation of iPod Touch or iPhone you have first BEFORE buying it to avoid disappointment!!

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  1. Cool shell !
    But my mom-person is allergic to Apple :)

  2. Our Lady loves apple too, but the man hates it. It is funny to live with them. Love your case. Lee and Phod

  3. That's pretty! My Mum is not a smart phone purrson.....let's face it, if she could get an old rotary dial phone...she would! But we like your case and Ragdolls Rock!


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